Best Practice Resume Writing Guide

This Resume writing guide will give you the most practical ways for creating and making your resume.

The best way to avoid resume mistakes is to review the complete document. A resume that was created years ago must be looked at again to eliminate all possible details that do not pertain to the job you are seeking.

Many resumes use the “original” Microsoft resume template. This is acceptable, but if you want to get the employer’s attention, do not use a resume that has an old look and feel. Create your own original layout resume and make every effort to produce a resume that will show your personal achievements.

Your objective is the first section of your resume and it should standout with something original. This is a good place to show your motivation for those just starting their job search and to the job seekers that do not have much work experience. Job candidates with an established working background can use a well written summary instead. The resumes summary is the longer version of the Objective and intended for those with significant work backgrounds.

Do not exclude dates of previous schooling or jobs held throughout your career. This may seem like the applicant is trying to hide something.

If details of your employment background contain a multitude of jobs, it is recommended to limit the job list to only those that are significant to the job you are applying for or jobs that may impress. Do not list irrelevant and outdated past jobs as this will not help you.

Do not write an excessive amount of personal details on your resume. Personal interests such as your hobby or interests are not essential but may help if it somehow relates to the job you are applying for. Do not add deeply personal information to your resume. Include this information on your Curriculum Vitae or when being asked questions during your interview.

There are a multitude of ways to make sure that your resume will look well written. Have your friends or family review your resume. Your resume is your marketing advertisement so make sure your resume says all it can about you.


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